I am so over the term “hump day”. From now on, Wednesdays are going to be my BREATHE day.

As in

Breathe in good thoughts…breathe out bad thoughts.

As in

Take time and breathe. Enjoy the present…BE in the present.

As in

Consciousness is in the pause between breaths.

Before I took a break from working (more on that later), I was tense, had migraines and high blood pressure. I was working in an intensely stressful, deadline driven job. I loved my job; I work best under pressure. But there is a limit and my body was telling me I had hit it!

After a year of soul searching, and some gentle prodding from my sister, I decided to pursue my dream and start my own business. I have been considering this for years. Suddenly, it was the right time.

I love graphic design. I love starting with that blank page and making the first mark.

I love event planning. I love brainstorming and coming up with unique ideas. Starting from nothing and creating an entertaining and exciting experience is fabulous.

I love making things from “found” items. Upcycling, recycling, reusing, reworking. I want to take things that are used up, dirty and ugly, and make something special, romantic and beautiful.

Take a deep breath. I’ll take one, too. Kudzu and Romance starts TODAY. Join me in my journey…we’ll have fun together.


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