What’s Your Goal?

I missed blogging yesterday. I’m sorry.

I was distracted.

I just found out some good news!

Lovely Pink Peony Bouquet

Lovely Pink Peony Bouquet

My youngest niece is getting married!

I am so excited…she is marrying the love of her life and I’ve never seen her happier.

The almost as good news is that I get to be her wedding planner. I’m giving her two weeks to enjoy being engaged, then we will have to get to work.

The first thing I am going to ask her is a seemingly very simple question.

What is your goal for the wedding?

I’m sure her reaction will be “Goal? What do you mean goal? I want to get married!”

And of course, that’s the purpose of wedding.


It really goes deeper than that. What are her priorities for the day?

Does she want to show off for her friends?

Does she want to be the center of everyone’s attention?

Does she want it to be an intimate, family event? Or a glitzy, over the top, invite-everyone-you-have-ever-known event?

Does she want great pictures to have forever?

What’s the most important thing? Flowers? Food? Signature cocktail? The dress?

That is a lot of information to process. Most of the time, though, when you start planning an event, you have an idea of what your goal is. The key is to keep that goal in mind as you make your plans.

This isn’t just for weddings, either.

Say you want to plan a road race. Is it to raise money? Increase awareness of being healthy? A fun race for families?

What about a downtown street dance? Your goal could be to bring awareness to the district. It could be to raise funds for downtown improvements. It could just be to get people out and dancing.

From big events to little ones, having the end in mind is important. Once you set your goals and priorities, making decisions should be much easier.

As each choice is made, ask yourself one simple question: Will this help me reach my goal?

(Congratulations, sweet girl!)

…now at last they were

beginning Chapter One

of the Great Story

no one on earth

has ever read:

which goes on forever:

in which every chapter is better

than the one before.

~C. S. Lewis


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