My sister got mauled by a tail-free cat

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn’t it?


Here’s what happened.

My sister took in an abandoned kitten about a year ago.

This psycho sweet little kitty doesn’t have a tail.

Isn’t that sad?

It’s okay…she was born that way.


We took our new puppy to her house.

Her psycho sweet little kitty got scared.

Sister picked up scared kitty.

(Do you see her mistake?)

Here’s the card I made for her:

Sorry your cat mauled you

Sorry your cat mauled you

I can make cards for any occasion! Literally!

(Notice the cat on the card has no tail. Seriously, she was born that way.)

I got mauled by a cat one time. He belonged to my soon-to-be boyfriend…

Let’s call him


Because that is his name.

I was helping him move. He forgot the first rule of moving…

ALWAYS move the cat first!

So here’s this terribly upset cat and, being the compassionate animal lover that I am, I tried to soothe it.


I picked up the psycho sweet little kitty.

It bit me.


My arm looked like it had a tennis ball under the skin. Green stuff came out of the puncture wounds. Red streaks were going up my arm.

It was not pretty.

And that is the story of the first time I ever went to the emergency room.

Did I mention that I was 38?

Somehow, as klutzy as I am, I had never been to the emergency room until I was 38.

All it took was one psycho sweet little kitty!

This is also the story of how I can design a greeting card for any occasion.


(2/600. # 251 on the list.)

(And no…I’ve never picked up a psycho sweet little kitty who was very stressed out again.)

Have you ever been in the emergency room? Tell me why here: