A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.


ec16f5579a7d28383622630fe35faa60Two years ago, the world lost a beautiful soul, my Mama. She was my defender, my encourager and my example. Because of her,

I became an avid reader

I became a lifelong learner

I learned compassion

I learned unequivocal love

I learned loyalty

I learned perseverance

I learned how to laugh, be silly, talk ALL the time

Everything about me that I love, I got from her.

Two years ago today, she didn’t wake up. Even though she died on July 5, this was the day we lost her.

I’m in a pensive mood and I’m feeling quite melancholy. So…to mitigate these feelings, I’m going to share one memory/story each day for every day Mama was in hospice.  Lucky y’all, you get 6 days of my reminiscing.

Today I’ll start with Mama as a teenager. She graduated from high school several weeks before she turned 16. She started school early (at 4) because she wanted to be like her cousins. At that time, there were only 11 grades, so she graduated at 15. She had a job, but had to wait until she was 16 to be legal.

At some point, she moved to a girls home in downtown Atlanta and worked at Atlanta Gas Light with computers! She ran the key punch machine. She was so modern for her time.

We think she is in front of the boarding house she lived in. She's probably 17 or 18.                      So full of life and so fun!

We think she is in front of the boarding house she lived in. She’s probably 17 or 18. So full of life and so fun!


Think about that. 16 years old, living away from home, working in downtown Atlanta. She was so smart and so brave!

My daddy courted her the whole time, before and after he joined the Navy. (He was eventually successful in his courtship, but that’s another story!)

Although she spent most of her adult life raising children and having “no job”, she was actually a very independent woman.

My Mama was always slight insane


aren’t we all?

She was everything to me and no one will ever come close to filling the gaping Mama-shaped hole in my heart. I guess no matter how old you get, you still need your mother. I miss mine every single day.

I’ve always been so proud of my Thoroughly Modern Mama!