Day 25…You Think It, I’ll Say It: Stories

I love short stories…especially when they are as well-written and perceptive as the stories in You Think It, I’ll Say It: Stories. 

Curtis Sittenfeld really taps into the hearts and minds of modern society. These ten tales are thought-provoking, depressing, uplifting and inciteful.

I truly enjoyed them all. My favorite, though, was “The World Has Many Butterflies.” First, I love butterflies, so I was immediately drawn to this story. Second, for some reason, I really identified with Julie.

Julie and Graham are married…but not to each other. They have known each other for years. Then they begin to play “I’ll think it, you say it,” a gossipy little game they both enjoy. Julie feels quite close to Graham. When she finds out Graham is getting divorced, she decides to make her move. She finds that what she interpreted as a deep connection is actually a shallow flirtation with a man who is not interested in her.

Admittedly, this book is full of white, middle-aged characters…but since I am white and middle-aged, I identify with them.

Day 25…

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Day 12… The Day After and Other Stories

I love Wil Wheaton! He was in the movie Stand By Me, based on short story by my favorite author Stephen King. He was in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He uses only one “L” in Wil.

What’s not to love??

This is the first time I have read any of his fiction…or any of his writing at all. I was pleasantly surprised!

The Day After and Other Stories is an anthology of short stories. Very short stories. The Kindle version of this book only has 43 pages and four stories. They are tiny little tidbits that go down easy.

The eponymous story is about a zombie apocalypse. Two teenagers are in a gym with other survivors and a horde of zombies are milling about outside. On a run to fill the generator, they run into something unexpected.

It is not a new concept.

What stood out to me is that the teen says several times that he wishes he had died in the initial outbreak. He references the 80’s television movie The Day After. What he remembers most is how bad it was for the survivors of the nuclear bomb. He concluded that it would have been much better to die in the initial blast.

I agree.

I have always said that I would much prefer to die in the initial catastrophe than lose my loved ones, have to fight every second for survival and know that there is no hope for the future.

This book is a great short read. Put it on your phone and read it next time you are in the waiting room.

Day 12…

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