Comment Guidelines

At Kudzu and Romance, we follow the same comment guidelines found here.

 Read on!

I want Kudzu and Romance  to be a place not just for my thoughts and opinions, but for conversation. I love to hear what you think about my new posts. I love to engage with you. After all, it’s the interaction between writer and reader that makes blogging so awesome.

But to increase meaningful conversation, sometimes it’s necessary to reduce the not-so-meaningful bits. Please avoid these types of comments:

  • One-word comments like “Cool!” or “Thanks!” While we appreciate the congrats, we’d love to hear more about what exactly you love, and (even more importantly) why.
  • Shameless self-promotion. Comments that contain links to your site within the body or otherwise encourage folks to visit your blog are a no-no. If you’d like to increase traffic to your blog, check out this page for tips.
  • Multiple comments by one author. We’re glad you want to be engaged, but please give others a chance to speak, too.
  • Really long comments. Let’s just say that if you need to take more than three breaths to read your comment, it’s probably too long. Why not blog about it on your own site?
  • Digressions. We love that you’re a chatty bunch! But please keep your comments on topic.
  • Personal comments about staff members. OK, so sometimes they make us blush, it’s true. Nevertheless, they’re not appropriate for the blog.
  • Inflammatory or offensive comments. Please be respectful to other commenters and staff members in your comments and word choice.

We also delete comments that are written entirely in another language, as well as those that are difficult to understand due to serious grammatical and spelling errors.

We hope you’ll appreciate and stand by these guidelines. Our goal is to make Kudzu and Romance a place for both information and feedback. What you say matters.


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